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By HOOLOO | 25 November 2021 | 254 Comments

What You Need To Consider Before Trying Delta 8 THC?

Trying anything for the first time can be both exciting and daunting. Especially cannabinoids, many of which provide a wide range of active effects, and the experience they provide may be quite different. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to enjoy the initial journey. With this in mind, here are the something to consider before trying Delta 8 for the first time.


First thing is, Delta 8 is different from the THC you used to know.

Not all the cannabinoids create equally. Even if you are familiar with other versions, the most popular is the active ingredient Delta 9 and CBD in cannabis. When you are exposed to Delta 8 THC, your body may react unexpectedly. It binds to receptors in your body in very different ways, and this difference can lead to many new feelings and experiences.

The main distinction of Delta 8 and other cannabis may be the potency. Delta 8 is far more tolerable at same dose, making it ideal for new users. You will feel the familiar feeling of relaxation, but the effect also reduces the intoxicating feeling and is more energetic. Delta 8 users can stay functional and alert throughout the experience, which is not always the case with cannabis. In many ways, cannabis users will be the easiest to switch, because Delta 8 is considered the milder THC in almost all measurable ways. It can be intoxicating in large quantities, but it will never reach the level of cannabis.


Second thing is, CBD users should pay attention to the increased effectiveness. 

Compared with the subtle sensations produced by CBD, Delta 8 feels like a huge improvement. A big advantage of Delta 8 is that the active effect can be felt more strongly. Moreover, unlike Delta 9 and cannabis, Delta 8 can bind to the receptor group of CBD. So while the mild buzzing sound may be unfamiliar, the deeper experience may resemble the CBD effect you are used to.

This means that CBD users should start with a slow dose and gradually increase it. The same is true for anyone trying cannabinoids or Delta 8 for the first time. You can always take more of the product. But once it enters your system, it is difficult to undo. Since the last thing you or anyone wants is a bad first experience, be sure to slowly increase the dose according to your body's needs.


Third thing is, you need to know the effect is not always felt for the first time. 

If this is your first attempt to use THC or cannabinoids, it is important to realize that users usually do not feel the full impact of these effects. Some people sometimes fail to ingest the THC properly, whether inhalation error or liver failure to break down THC in the system. What’s more, it is believed that humans have a biological filter that can sometimes prevent cannabinoids from being activated.

If you have a similar dull first experience, don't worry. Just wait and try again at a convenient place. The second attempt should produce better results! Your body will be ready the second time.


Forth thing is, decide a consuming method. 

How you ingest Delta 8 THC can determine how will you experience. So far, vaping is the most straightforward way to ensure a smooth start, but the idea of filling your lungs with steam may discourage some people. If this is the case, I would suggest starting with tinctures. They are a tasteless oil that contains Delta 8. However, if you are using for the first time, I would strongly, strongly recommend avoiding edibles. If you are a veteran, try our Hooloo Delta 8 THC Disposable, we provide different flavors of strains, just pick your favorite flavors and start an amazing Delta 8 experience.


Last things is, control your dosage and build your ideal setting. 

Despite the reduced potency, Delta 8 still has a slight psychoactive effect. Meaning, you may still get high. Because of this, creating a suitable environment is essential for a pleasant first experience. Start in a safe space with someone you trust, and make every effort to make this space warm and friendly. Choose in advance the activities that perfectly match the THC. If possible, I recommend being outdoors or doing something creative. Also, you must control dosage from the vary beginning, start from low to high.


If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to get a truly first excellent Delta 8 experience.

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