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By HOOLOO | 11 November 2021 | 264 Comments

Vital Tips for Parents Who Use Cannabis

Modern cannabis consumers are not the stereotypes we once believed in. Most consumers are educated, have a decent job, have a good income and maintain an ideal reputation. A survey conducted by Eaze collected demographic data on more than 10,000 Californians and found that the information is still true, while also knowing that one in five cannabis consumers are parents.


Whether you are a parent who uses this plant for medicinal or recreational purposes, you must keep it away from children to ensure their safety. Although it is well known that it is not a deadly "drug", it can still cause traumatic effects and may harm the physical and mental health of children. However, you don’t have to quit consuming cannabis to be a responsible parent. Unless your child is using cannabis for their own health, take into consideration these following pointers:


- Keep your cannabis in child-proof, smell-proof containers out of sight and reach of children (in a closet, high cabinet, garage, a safe, etc.). The less your child sees it and smells it, the less likely they are to snoop around or ask questions about it. In addition, you don't want your child to break a pipe or pipe-or smell like resin because of contact with it.


- Consume it out of kids’ sight. Cannabis is indeed a medicine, not a terrible life-threatening drug. This may be true, but we don’t want our children to consume anything that disrupts their brain chemicals while their brains are developing.


- By keeping your cannabis and yourself invisible when smoking cannabis, vapes, or eating cannabis , your child’s curiosity will not swallow their innocence. In addition, if they know when you are high, they may use you and ask to eat all the snacks in the cabinet with you.

- Find your tolerance and don't exceed it. We have all experienced this situation-accidentally containing too much THC in our brain, and deliberate or paranoid will distract us from reality. In the eyes of our children, it doesn't look good. We look crazy. Take enough steps to get the relief you are looking for and know when to stop.


- Never vape/smoke too long (over 3-4 hours or eat cannabis 4-5 hours) before driving or operating heavy machines (lawnmower, snow-blower, electric tools, etc.) not only for your safety, but also your kids’ safety, and anyone who happens to be by your side. Cannabis does affect our reaction time in distress, so please always stay vigilant.


- THC exists in our sweat, so please avoid touching or holding your kids too much when consuming cannabis. THC can be absorbed through the skin, so it is best to keep a distance before we know how much contact high the sweat can transfer.


- Educate your kids about cannabis. If you are a consumer, you don't want them to believe in typical stereotypes as they grow up. Teach them what you think about this plants and tell them why they shouldn't try it yet.

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