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By HOOLOO | 28 February 2022 | 211 Comments

Tips When Using Cannabis for Sleep

If you plan on trying cannabis as a sleep aid, your care provider can provide the best guidance based on your needs and medical history. However, it helps to have and under standing of the different options available.


What form of cannabis should you choose to use for sleep?

There are lots of forms of cannabis products, it can be smoked, vaporized, eaten or use as a sublingual tincture. Each form has its benefits and drawbacks. Different forms of cannabis offer different bioavailability, or how much active THC you can get into your bloodstream. Inhaled cannabis tends to be highly bioavailable because THC enters your system directly. In contrast, foods lose significant amounts of THC during digestion. The bioavailability of smoked cannabis can be as high as 56%, while the bioavailability of oral cannabis ranges from 4% to 20%.

When to take cannabis for sleep?

When choosing a type of cannabis, it's worth noting that different forms also take more or less time to have an effect. When you smoke cannabis, you can usually feel the effects almost immediately, while consuming cannabis may take longer to have effects because they have to pass through your digestive system first. The effects of cannabis use vary by person, length or inhalation, number of inhalations and other factors. It may be helpful to know that THC levels usually peak after about 10 minutes.


What effects you may notice?

Because there are so many varieties of cannabis that affect everyone differently, you may need to experiment before finding the form, dose, and timing that works for you. THC is a psychoactive drug that has other effects besides promoting sleep. You may feel sleepy, relaxed, euphoric or energetic.

Some users may also experience dizziness, nausea, fatigue, dry mouth, vomiting, confusion, loss of balance or hallucinations when using cannabinoids. You may also experience anxiety, panic attacks, or paranoia.

What’s more, using cannabis may not be a good idea for children and teens because cannabis use is associated with changes in brain development.


Deciding if cannabis is right for you

Whether or not to sleep with cannabis is a highly personal decision. Synthetic forms of cannabis appear to relieve nightmares and insomnia, but some researchers warn of the limitations of these studies and the potential risks of using cannabis until doses are more standardized.

Many people use cannabis to successfully manage their pain and insomnia. However, some people find it makes them feel more paranoid or anxious. If you don't like the feeling of being high, then a higher CBD stress might be a better option for you.


Another important consideration is whether cannabis is legal where you live. If not, talk with your doctor about other ways to improve sleep, such as better sleep hygiene or alternative sleep aids.


Whether or not to sleep with cannabis is a highly personal decision.

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