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By HOOLOO | 4 November 2021 | 250 Comments

How to Achieve a Safer Vape Experience

In the past few years, vapes have become increasingly popular in the legal cannabis market. Market researchers report that by 2030, the cannabis vape market may reach US$20.5 billion. Though the pandemic continues, consumer demand for vape products has remained stable.


Although there are thousands of legal vape products and brands on the market, their features varies greatly from high to low. So how can consumers achieve a safer vape experience?


First, be intentional about vaping. No matter you are vaping currently or thinking about starting, it’s important to spend sometime to choose the most suitable vape. This can help you get more of the experiences you want (and avoid those you don't want). Think about the feelings, actions or benefits you want to experience from using vapes. Next, think through some of the things you don’t want to experience. Then you can start. 


Second, labels are important. Although most e-liquids contain nicotine, there are still many options that do not contain nicotine. For those who vape but want to avoid the effects of addiction, these may be better options. If you do choose to use nicotine-based products, look for suitable options. Starting from a lower nicotine content will help satisfy your cravings without overloading your system.


Third, remember that not all vapes are equal. The dose is important, but the equipment you use is equally important. Power (wattage) can vary from device to device. High-power devices (above 20 watts) should be used with low-dose oils (less than 3 mg) to reduce the risk of adverse side effects.


Forth, do not over dose since everyone had different limits. When using vape, it is important to understand your limits, especially if you are not familiar with nicotine. Your tolerance may not be as high as those who regularly smoke vape or smoke, so start with a low and take your time. Too much nicotine intake can cause negative effects, including: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or stomach ache, eye irritation, headaches, anxiety, sweating, confusion, difficulty breathing, tremors, seizures.


Fifth, avoid sharing. Sharing isn’t always caring. Sharing vape not only puts you at a higher risk of spreading COVID-19, but also exposes you to many other diseases, such as colds, flu or meningitis. These diseases can be spread from person to person through saliva. Sharing with friends may also mean that your nicotine dose is higher than ever. We should use our own vape and keep it clean through proper maintenance to maintain your health and safety.


Sixth, choose reliable vape brand. Vape made with high-quality hardware and cannabis extracts should not cause a burning sensation or make consumers cough. Some of the most common chemicals behind these feelings (which should never be in your vape shopping cart) can cause chronic respiratory diseases. Unfortunately, illegal manufacturers often buy low-quality vape or heavy cannabis oil boxes from third-party websites on the Internet, fill them with cannabis oil, and then sell them at prices far below the market value. Consumers should discard them immediately. There are many reliable resources available to patients and consumers who know what to look for and what to ask for.


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