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By HOOLOO | 23 December 2021 | 304 Comments

Buying and Using Delta 8 Products in the Age of Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus continues to wreak havoc in parts of the United States, affecting the daily lives of millions of people. No mention that the Omicron variant is spreading at unprecedented rate in many countries where it has been discovered. Even if it only causes mild illness - which is far from certain now - it still could mean that many people will eventually be hospitalized and die.

If you're someone who wants to maximize safety without sacrificing your Delta 8 enjoyment, there are a few concrete steps you can take in that pursuit.


Here is what you should be doing when buying and using products:

- Don't share vapes with other people. The first and easiest step you can take is to stop sharing your vape with significant other. The mouth is one of the main ways the virus spreads between hosts, and any activity where multiple pairs of lips touch a single object should be avoided. If someone who has been exposed to any variant of Covid-19 takes a sip of your vape, even if they are not infected themselves, the risk of exposure is very high. Instead, ask your friends to bring their own e-cigarettes or Delta 8 products to any hangout. Everyone can enjoy their favorite strains individually and safely, while getting the quality time they need. Given the economics of Delta 8 vapes and cartridges, this technique is particularly simple. There is no excuse for risk sharing.

- Keep shopping online. Another useful way to reduce the risk of exposure is shop Delta 8 products online. Hooloo offers a large selection of products on website, and each option can be shipped directly to your front door. Knowing this, there is no reason to go to the local vape shop on the street. A physical store is a high-traffic area, and pollutants may exist on every surface. Just go to and choose between vape, gummies, vape cartridges or any other product you can think of. All Hooloo blends are tested in the laboratory, and the packages you receive will have been handled much less than something you would get in a store. Overall, it is safer and more convenient. If you want to support local businesses, please consider calling ahead to ask for roadside pickup. Most vape shops will be happy to accommodate.

- When sharing edibles, pack them separately. The days of the open cookies plate are long gone. You can't put your food together, you may touch them with multiple hands, and you don't want others to feel uncomfortable because of exposed food. For your and their benefit, please wrap each individual edibles in plastic wrap or plastic bag. This additional level of protection will be very welcome and will almost completely eliminate the chance of pollution. For environmental protection, please use biodegradable packaging bags. Additionally, these smaller portions will be easier to transport, store, and distribute. You may decide this is the best way to make batches of edibles, even once this country finally vanquishes Covid-19.


With these three simple tips in mind, your Delta 8 experiences will automatically become significantly safer. Remember to try and keep all gatherings outdoors or properly distanced and if you’d like to pick up any products, heads over to Hooloo.

Hooloo is one of the most popular destination in the country for all products of Delta 8, and we offer the highest options on the market. Click HERE to learn more.

Be sure to check back regularly for more Delta 8 information, news and guides.

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